Friday, January 25, 2008

San Diego to Deadhorse - 2008

For more than a year now I have planned to tour NW Canada and Alaska on my motorcycle. I've set aside about 6 weeks, beginning the first week of June, to complete my adventure. My plan is to camp the whole trip and visit some out-of-the-way locations. Lots of unpaved roads. After reading about the Great Northwest in books and all the wonderful trip reports on ADVrider , I feel myself drawn to seeing this part of the world.

I will use this blog to document my planning for the trip and to post updates of my progress.

Deadhorse, Alaska (I love some of the names of towns in Alaska... Deadhorse, Chicken, Coldfoot...) is at the end of the most northerly road in the US, the Dalton Highway or the North Slope Haul Road. It sits near the shores of the Arctic Ocean and is the northern terminus of the Alaskan Pipeline. Most of the highway is unpaved and, with all the heavy truck traffic supplying the oilfields, can be treacherous.

It's almost 4,000 miles from San Diego to Deadhorse with a lot beautiful North America in between.

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